Friday 10 May 2013

9th May 2013

9th May - Lunch time on the way to the allotment to water, when it started to rain so diverted to the Garden Centre and came away with

1 x 10kg Blood Fish and Bone & 1 x 10kg West Growmore Plant Food for £20 (£9.98 off)
Scotts Roundup Pump and Go 5L with applicator £19.99 (£10 off)
2 x packs of JAB Cabbage Collars (£5.98)

Because I spent over £40 I could pick one of the dying shrubs worth £7.99 I asked them if I could eat anything they had on offer and they looked half dead anyway and they told me no, so I declined their generous offer.... and told them to offer it to the next person to come through the till.

Emma had taken Jen to see GHOST at Wimbledon Theatre so I went home via the allotment just to check that it had rained there, and it hadn't !!!! But what wind - Keith and Pauline were on my plot having just watered theirs and were recovering all kind of items that had been moved around by the very high wind. (tops to slug traps - plastic pop bottles on Bamboo, the fence panel wedged between the shed and the wall, and the gate leaning in the access to my storage area etc.)

Even Adi's young tree was laying at an angle and a couple of plastic grow houses had disappeared from plots further away. Once everything was once again in place or secure I watered and it was very dry and then went home.

I did notice a nice new crop of weeds growing on the potato beds I had only cleared yesterday but it was too cold and windy to do anything about them.


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