Wednesday 8 May 2013

Wednesday 8th May - Flying Lunch Time Visit

Rain this morning but by lunch time it had stopped and in fact the pavements had dried out - a quick trip to the allotment for 1/2 an hour lunch time weeded rose beds 1 - 3 and potatoes Beds 2 - 4 measured the area to the side of the shed as I may have a 6ft x 6ft plastic shed that could go in there going begging, and it would just fit.... will need to think about that.

Brian from Mencap was on site clearing and I have told him if I get any excess plants out of my efforts especially the Sprouts now I have Keith's planted that they can have them. Bless him they funded the plastic cold frame using the money from the scrap metal they cleared from there and every one else's plots. Their idea is to sell the produce in house to buy more seeds and equipment as they have no real funding for this venture. The guy in the wheelchair is amazing at sieving the earth and they are digging and sieving large volumes, mind you the plot was over 6ft high brambles and no body else wanted to take it on.

Ron was beavering away - 80+ and been in two road accidents knocked off his bike and then as a passenger in a car and ended up being knocked out and now using a walking stick but that guy will not be stopped, many of the plot holders next to him including Keith have offered to help him ensure he is far enough along come inspection, but he is a very proud man and wants to do it all himself.

I watered the seedlings tonight and the Broccoli and the Marigolds have also now started to show.  I'm going to need some guidance as to how large to let these thing grow before re-potting, I can see some photographs and questions on the forum at  if I can't find anything on YouTube to help.

3m x50m of Debris netting ordered for the hoops

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