Friday 24 May 2013

23rd May 2013

Having access problems at London Bridge so working from the office drawing up the plans and elevations - So lunch on the allotment and used the time to drop off more plastic drink bottles for the grape vine bottle screens - I have green growth on one of the three vines so I could be picking grapes in a couple of years.

Crazy weather today hailstones then bright sunshine, then hailstones again all morning, but by lunchtime looking at the pavements you would not know that anything had fallen from the sky?

Sid has left me some more timber so I dropped that off as well - so I have enough to make the second frame and I'm guessing enough bottles to half fill it.

Finally put together one of the garden chairs so that Jen has somewhere to sit when we go together. If I can get the rest of the garden furniture assembled that will free up the storage area a little.

The Council actually are fixing the front gate - looks like reminding them that if it did fall on someone and kill them that their was an audit trail showing that they were notified of the danger has worked
;) - sometimes you have to play the system to get done what you need.

Prepped a stack of loo rolls ready for the runners and used the soldering iron to melt holes on the bottom of 1/2 doz 2ltr bottles ready to top and tail some more bamboo sticks. 100s and 1000s toms look like they will need potting up on the weekend.

Sorting out cardboard boxes to take and cover the last uncovered grassed area on the plot over the weekend - I will lay them down and cover with them with tarps to slow down and hopefully kill off the grass - there is  no way I'm skimming it all again.

Re potted toms from Keith are looking much happier today

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