Wednesday 8 May 2013

Tuesday 7th May 2013

All dressed and ready for work, when Jen says "Why don't you book a days leave and get those poor little plants in that Keith gave you into the ground - I can hear them calling you"......

OK I look at the Diary and I don't have any appointments, but I do have lots to do... but then again I've only taken one days leave in five months and I do have to use it up before the end of December. Its nice sunny and warm and the weather forecast is not good for the next 10 days and rain over the weekend, and Jen is offering to spend the day with me on the Allotment.... I'm only human

So I phoned the office, told them I was going to book it off as holiday - logged in and booked it as holiday and changed into working clothes....

Looking at the runner beans I could not leave them any longer and I placed 1/2 doz in a carrier and by 8:30 Jen and I were on the allotment and work and planting Runners. I then planted the sprouts and Jen and I covered in the compost from two of the tugs. Keith popped in to check on the plants and lent me the probe and we cut blue water pipe and inserted four hoops only to find the netting was too narrow and was 2m not 3m wide. Jen remembered the four netting cloche we bought as end of line and we ended up using those for the moment until I can get some more netting.

It took until about 1:45 and a couple of Mars bars to keep my blood sugars high to stop me getting wobbly to get the point where I had dug the bed and the path at the rear of Bed 6 then we decided to come home for something to eat.

After about and hour we returned with the rest of the runner beans these one I lad flat in a cardboard tray a much better way to transport and after planning on with the task of forming the paths - treading down and compacting and inserting the grass edging then weed membrane down ( the second rolled stuff from the 99p shop is not as thick and dark  as the folded stuff they had originally) and then barrow loads of woodchip to complete the task.

10 White and two Red Cabbage plants later and Jen was placing more compost on the weed membrane one side as I was planting on the other side.

Then I ran a new longer hose from the water butt in Adi's plot and watered the potatoes and finally the Cabbages. Netting Cloches installed over and a swift tidy of the weed membrane being tucked under the first row of paving slabs and we were done (IN that is) and we left the allotment at around 7:45ish and went home for the evening meal (after I watered all the seedlings)

Below is the state of play at the end of the day.......

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