Sunday 19 May 2013

Mc Fly and Frank Spencer strikes again!

McFly were as good as usual, but way way to loud  :blink: still waiting for my hearing to return and the ringing in my ears to go away  :nowink:. Could have been because we were nearer the stage but they need to wind it down a little or get the soundman that has been with them for the last 10 years back.

Today planted 3 seeds per module

20 Modules of Little Gem Lettuce
10 Modules of Iceberg Lettuce
10 Modules of Rocket Wild
10 Modules of Lollo Rossa
10 Round Lettuce

Yep the wife and I love salad
.... :lol: 

Very swift visit to the allotment to water and deliverer two giant tubs of compost from Mums along with the concrete squirrel bird feeder and a pick-axe - The half of the allotment cleared of couch grass two weeks ago is once again a lush lawn  ::) - there are potato's showing in all four beds and they have a not so nice carpet of weeds on the banking up that I cleared Wednesday but its back. I thought using the hoe and the sun was supposed to kill the little B#g#ers?

Saw a YouTube video where the guy was using a pop bottle that had hole punched in the cap to water his seedlings and thought "Cracking Idea" a couple of small pop bottles recovered from the recycle bin and a mapping pin later, and I now have a couple of different sized bottles at Mums and in the Cold Frame- saves all that with the spray bottle that is very hit and miss on working and it's FREE.

Just heard that my assistant has broken his foot, so looks like I'm on my own Monday for the site induction and for the next 3 weeks (I've told him before he should change his name to Frank Spencer

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