Wednesday 29 May 2013

25th - 28th May ~ UK Holiday Monday 27th May

OK you're expecting that I've done so much and that I have at least another two beds ready on the plot..... So was I, but the reality is that we are going to exchange contracts on my parents house within the next two weeks and push has come to shove and Jen & I have been clearing out the property over the past four days.

Four days because there was so much stuff that came back to my house that it looked like a bomb had hit it and I couldn't go back to work Tuesday and leave the house in the state it was in (so I booked another days holiday) as I still had charity shop runs, dump runs and stuff to put away in the loft etc.

I did manage an hour off on Sunday and Jen and I went too the plot to meet up with Keith, to put the netting over the hoops on beds 5 & 6 as the plants were getting too big for the mini netting cloches and to water the plants. The only other gardening stiff I have done is remove all the plants from Mums kitchen and install in the cold frame - I know that it's still getting cold at night but looking at the temperature gauge in the frame at 5:30 this morning it's 9.2 degrees C in there. I must remember to open the vents during the day as it's getting warmer, but still close at night.

I could have done with a larger cold frame, the sweet corn is on the patio and I have a couple of trays of Peppers, Cabbage and Marigolds our Kitchen by the grace of Jen (but only a short term basis I'm informed
;)  ) there are about 40 marigolds that need potting on to individual pots in the next couple of days as I only had time to deal with a dozen late last night.

I do have a small tomato grow-house for going over a grow-bag that I'm trying to work out where I can shoe horn it into the garden and how to create a framework to support the additional plants. The Runner beans down on the allotment and the garden have had it and I've planted more in loo rolls to replace them, but they are not showing yet. looking at some of the plants they were far happier in Mums kitchen than in their new cold frame home.

So the house is empty apart from some stuff I have put on free cycle - and I have sorted out Dads shed and what I'm keeping will come over this weekend then I'm done over there, and can catch up with my garden and the allotment, plus I need to deal with a number of jobs in the house....... ( That's for Jen as I know she reads this and as she often reminds me I don't live in the garden.... but it has been suggested that I could down the
allotment  ::) on occasion  ;)

Jen - Thanks for all the help plus moral and physical support Babe....

Update 3:22pm - telephone call from Jen - "fancy putting that on the Blog" - told you she read it ;)

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