Thursday 23 May 2013

Jools Holland at Croydon

22nd May 2013 - Rescue Mission on the way home from London bridge to the allotment to pick up five tomato plants, a cucumber and a couple of marrows that Keith (Brother-In-law) has grown in his greenhouse and were surplus to requirement - taken home due to threat of frost for the next couple of days and I wanted to move on and pot deeper in larger pots and let all those hairs turn into a better root system.

Runner beans are looking really sick, and I will need to plant some more in loo rolls this weekend - so that planting out can take place when the threat of frost is greatly reduced. That's a lesson learnt, and I will not be so eager next year.

Comfrey is coming up a storm now - but so is the couch grass and the weeds - the young couple on plot 3A were due to have a baby and have not been over for a couple of weeks and their plot is now lost in 8-9" of grass, weeds and a sea of dandelions that are due to loose their seeds.....

Michelle on plot 5 is worried about the annual inspection, as what looked reasonable a couple of weeks ago looks as if it's not been touched for months as their petrol strimmer is out of action and they have not been able to deal with the grass and weeds.

It has to be said, taking the time to hand dig and extreme weed plus using the weed membrane under the wood chips has really paid off as the half of the plot I've dealt with is not as a bad condition as my neighbours - I will definitely be planting through weed membrane for larger plants a large spacing to prevent all that weeding in between.

The other half is going mad and I trimmed the grass and weeds around the edges where I have not got it covered in the carpet that was on the half I had cleared and the damp proof membrane I have put down to try and kill the weeds.

Attacked the bindweed that was sneaky and had started growing up the bamboo behind the shed with weed killer   

Jen and I went to see Jools Holland with Roland Gift of the Fine Young Cannibal plus Ruby Turner and Louise Marshall at Croydon in the evening - I missed my annual fix last year as Jen was in hospital

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