Monday 3 April 2023

Roofing and Staging Building

So it's was back on the allotment to finish off the roofing and start building the two staging units that come with the  my  Forest Garden Potting Shed as we didn't get finished yesterday.

I had not quite got as far as fitting the opening vents on the sides but th felt was fixed to the slopes of the roof, although the verge boards are not on in this photo. 

Something I could do was erect the first staging which I built inside the potting shed 

Plot neighbour Wally came to the site and gave me a hand fitting the opening vents and I started to sort out items that needed to go into the potting shed. 

I've had the sign on the potting shed for some time and was going to put it on a post at the entrance to plot 1, Plot 1 A being the area at the back of plot 1. 

The Potting shed being adjacent to the paved path off the main grass path was an ideal spot to for the sign. Opening vent window, bargeboards and finial now fitted on the gable end of the potting shed.   

The turned over area was dug over and weeded by Emma and Kelly over the weekend when Andy and I were erecting the potting shed. 

I asked of I could have the security fences that had been protecting the leaning wall and was informed I could as they had been purchased and they had no need of them or wanted to store them. So Wally and  set them up in the corner to start forming what would become the greenhouse climbing frame that I've had in mind for some time.  

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