Thursday 20 April 2023

Making The Third Staging - Part 1

Today was for a change glorious sunshine and I went to Champions to pick up some gravel boards for making the shelving I had enough of the right size timbers for the legs and framing to the staging top and shelf 

Today I marked a line that would be the middle of the timber framework shown below and inserted the screws to nearly full depth of the gravel boards and spread them out with equal gaps then screwed them down to the framework. 

Turning the top deck unit, I G-Clamped the legs to the sides of the framework and then fixed the timber gravel boards at the same locations as in the staging's leg frames supplied with the Potting Shed. I then proceeded to build another set of legs  

Legs standing as they will when the staging table is assembled 

A Quick test that the both fit OK upside down  

That working I pulled the legs out and took the whole lot to the potting shed 

I placed the legs and then the top of the staging and used a couple of bits of timber and G-Clamps to hold the bottom of the legs in position so they could not collapse.  

Moving the Potting tray over I could now see how it fitted and it only remains for me to make the lower staging platform tomorrow and screw the whole thing together.

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