Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Sweet Peas

I asked on the Mind Your Peas and Cues Facebook forum what all the fuss was about with Sweet Peas and here are just some of the answers I got on that post:- 

Kerry Turner They're just delicious flowers and on allotments you have spare tickets grow them for cutting to have in the house without worrying about spoiling the display. Plus they're good for pollinators.

Emms Ford I'll tell you exactly why men grow sweet peas on their allotments...... sweet peas act as a placation device so the wife doesn't f&$% you up after you've spent the entire day on your little plot of heaven, listening to the cricket on the radio, and your dinner was ready two hours ago. THAT is the reason that men grow sweet peas on their allotment.

Alan Stanley They are great grown with runner beans.

Sarah Bee Terry Walton grows them on the allotment. Gorgeous scented flowers to take back home for your loved one, and they attract pollinators to the allotment.

Terry Walton Sarah Bee love them. Attract pollinators and save my bacon when I am late home.

Sarah Bee Terry you've probably convinced all male gardeners to grow sweet peas now

Peter Lomas They lovely, smell nice, cut for the Mrs,,,,brownie Points, lol get some in mate. I grow them against the fruit cage netting. Along with gladioli and dahlias. Boom lots off cut flowers.

and many more positive posts followed.......... as a result I'm having a bash growing some this year. I love the thought of being able to bring the wife back some cut flowers from the plot.  I have some five packs of sweet peas in my seed box that are a little out of date but hopefully some will germinate. 

Following the video advice below, I soaked the seeds over night in a Chinese takeaway container on damp kitchen roll and yesterday sowed three packs of seeds in two tray modules and have placed them behind the kitchen window panel next to the large disabled access door to the rear garden that we had put in when the patio doors broke in 2020. 



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