Thursday 6 January 2022

What To Grow In January?

"What vegetable seeds can I sow in January ?" is a common question that pops up on gardening Facebook groups.

After the Christmas and New Year Period Vegetable Growers all around the World are always keen to get into the new fruit and vegetables growing season and are itching to start sowing seeds!

As winter weather conditions will not suit many vegetables it's worth knowing which vegetable seeds you can sow in January to give you a head start and an early harvest in the New Year.
In this video Gary O'Neill shows you which vegetable he will be sowing in January and provide some ideas and suggestions for what you might think of growing for yourself, to enjoy fresh homegrown organic vegetables all year round! 

I have to say Gary makes great informative allotment and growing based videos, that are just long enough to cover the subject matter. His YouTube Channel The Allotment Garden and Kitchen, is one that I subscribe too and I always look forward to receiving a notification that he has uploaded new content. 

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