Sunday 23 January 2022

Mushroom Trays for Spuds


No work as such on the allotment today as both my daughters are away on a sisters long weekend, thus I had no one to keep an eye on my wife. When they arrived home however I did make a dash down the the plot to pick up the mushroom trays from behind the shed in the covered store area, and to drop off some plants I have received, more on that in a later post.

Last year I insulated the mushroom trays with packing foam I got off freecycle. I gave them a clean up as they would not be let in the house by SWMBO without being cleaned.

These will go into my unheated Space Saver Norfolk greenhouse in the back garden with propagator lids on over night which get taken off during the day.

The Terracotta Candle and Firefly heaters will be used to keep the frost off over night when the temperature is forecast to be 3 degrees or lower as we are the brow of a hill and do pick up the frost easily when temperatures drop.

Just one more variety of potatoes still to arrive, as you can see from the empty module bottom right.

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