Friday, 7 January 2022

D.T.Brown Spring 2022 Catalogue

Now it has to be said I like most allotmenteers love receiving seed catalogues during the Winter months to flick through and select those varieties I want to grow in Spring. 

I love the way the seed companies appear to be upping their game with better and more interesting catalogues in the last couple of years, and the D.T.Brown full Spring 2022 Premium Seed and Plants catalogue with its 290 pages does not disappoint. 

The retro look of the cover and the period images internally reinforce that this is a company Established in 1908 some six years before the first World War and Edward the VII was King of Britain.

In the middle of the Catalogue you will find a 12 page Growing Record which you can if really careful remove from the catalogue. 

There is also a guild as to how to use the Growing Record, but should you wish to keep your catalogue in pristine condition you can download the download an adobe pdf copy of the Growing Record ( and print out. 

There are also links files for additional pages. 

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