Friday, 28 January 2022

D.T.Brown - Clip Gloves

D.T.Brown are selling two new gloves produced by Treadstone Products in 2022. one is a leather palmed glove and the other is a waterproof glove
Treadstone Products has a long history in the garden market, and are a joint venture with Jiangsu CLS Technology Corp, a major supplier of Safety Gloves to the global industrial market place and produce 1.2 billion pairs of gloves per annum, so they know a thing or too about making gloves. 
I have been using their gloves for a couple of years now and their Garden Gloves benefits from this expertise, resulting in unprecedented levels of comfort, dexterity and protection, excellent performance, but they also look great, fashioned with two distinct colour palettes to ensure their gloves create impact on the shop floor or garden and offer consumers a chic sense of style!
Treadstone carefully select the best textiles for each glove based on it's target use and user. From skin friendly bamboo fibres to technologically advanced Cut Proof Fibres, and durable Synthetic Leathers to sweat absorbing Terry fabric to wipe that brow during strenuous gardening activity.

Each pair of gloves is held together with an Aluminium Carabiner clip. 
This clip holds each pair together, but the real beauty of the clip is that gardeners will never lose their gloves again! 
Clip them to a belt or a garden bag, hang them in the shed or on the line to dry. 
Genius!  Spare clips are available.

Leather Palm Glove - Male - Large 

Price at time of posting the blog £15.95
D.T.Brown Product code 55665
Ideal for "day-long" garden jobs. Made with Soft Goatskin palm for the ultimate comfort, flexibility, and protection. Leather knuckle pad protects against scuffs and Lined Spandex back provides comfort and flexibility.
Hook and Loop wrist strap provides the perfect fit. Features Neoprene cuff for comfort and protection.

Watertight Glove - Male - Large 

Price at time of posting the blog £8.95
D.T.Brown Product code 55661

Ideal for potting, weeding, or gardening during wet weather. Full smooth latex sanitised dip provides waterproof barrier, a sandy latex palm coating provides excellent comfort and grip, and a double coating provides good water-resistant properties.

Each pair of gloves is held together with an Aluminium Carabiner clip.

Both types of gloves are also available for Ladies in Medium and Small sizes. Click on the image below or Here and download the chart, print it out and see what size will fit you best. 

The first Treadstone Products Clip Gloves that I bought were a super value Triple Pack Gloves that retail at £12.95 that contains a good mix of general-purpose lightweight gardening gloves. 

Each pair comes with hanging loops and a carabiner clip.

The pack contains one of each of the following:-

1 pair of polyester gloves with foam latex coating,
1 pair of polyester gloves with smooth nitrile coating,
1 pair of extra fine polyester glove with honeycomb textured latex coating for extra grip.

I never noticed the information about the sizing made easy and bought Medium which for me are a really tight snug fit, so I made sure my future order of gloves were large. 

My Daughters use the mediums if they come down the the allotment to play, however there are female versions with more feminine colours (if your still allowed to say such things these days!)    

Click Here to see the complete Range and sizes of Clip Gloves available from D.T.Brown. 

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