Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Onion – Senshyu Yellow

I have a pack of these in my seed box and forgot to sow them in 2021 so they will be sown in August 2022 in Modules and planted out on the plot in October to over winter. 

Onion Senshyu Yellow are one of the best Japanese over wintering varieties available.   A very reliable heavy yielding main crop variety producing straw coloured semi-globe shaped bulbs of high quality by early July.  

This variety is bred specifically for autumn sowing to mature the following July and is not suitable for mid spring sowings.  A ideal variety to fill the gap before the main winter storage varieties mature.

Cultivation advice Onion Senshyu Yellow

Days to Germination: 10-12

Planting Depth: 1/2″

Spacing, Row:  18″

Spacing, Plant: 5 inches

  • Best sown in autumn direct to seed beds or in trays 1/2″deep for transplanting prior to Winter.
  • Not suitable for spring sowings / with exception of late winter Jan / Feb under-cover as a secondary option..
  • If transplanting bare root seedlings from drills in drier weather, plants can be clipped to three inches to reduce stress whilst they establish.
  • If grown in plugs transplant to final growing position by early Oct.
  • Thin to 5 inches apart when plants are 6 inches tall.
  • Harvest by pulling bulbs when tops are brown and dry. Can be harvested early whilst green as these do not store well into winter.
  • Fertile, moist soil enriched with compost is best for onion production.
  • Onions are claimed to ward off many insect pests around lettuce, cabbage and carrots.
Do not sow "Japanese" varieties before mid-August and thin in the spring. Sow direct in situ in shallow drills 1cm deep with 25cm between rows during August. Seedlings should be thinned as they grow to eventual spacing of 20cm. Hoe and water regularly until established

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