Monday 13 May 2024

Felling Trees and Filling Raised Beds

I often forget to take a before picture, but I remembered today and this was the state of play this morning of SFG Bed 2 before I stared adding more cut up tree  branches. 

I also dropped off loads of cardboard donated by my sister who has has some DIY done and had a load of cardboard boxes to get rid off.

Self seeded saplings at the patio on plot 1A and by the plot 1A shed, that had taken advantage of my lack of activity due to the cancer treatment last year, were cut down in order to fill up the bottom of Square Foot Garden Bed 2.

Saplings harvested and brought to the bed to be further cut up and added to the existing pile of branches to increasing depth of timber to the bottom of the bed.

View Up the allotment, now the saplings at the tomato bed and up the end of plot 1A have been cut down.

Bed full of the harvested saplings with another wheelbarrow load of plum tree branches ready to be cut up and processed on a future visit.

Afternoon return visit for an hour and half with Emma, who cleared the Climbing Frame Greenhouse of mares tail for me, whilst I decanted weathered and rotted woodchips dropped off by Wally last week on top of the branches I had cut up and added to the Square Foot Gardening bed 2 in the morning.

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