Sunday 19 May 2024

Last of the Java Spuds in Buckets

As the sky was so clear of clouds and it was so sunny I went to the allotment between 4pm and 7pm today as Plot 1 and the potting shed would be in the shade.

I completed mixing up the compost Coir and fertiliser with the 600mm Power Planter and the Ryobi Drill and placed 4 Main Crop Java seed potatoes in each bucket.

Two Java main crop spuds at a 1/3 depth

Then two more added at 90 degrees to the first two at 2/3 depth finally topped up and then taken to bed 1 which is where I'm placing them this year. As the potatoes are harvested the contents of the buckets will be placed on Bed 1.

Bed 1 with the main crop java spuds in buckets, I really need my sister to cut her grass next weekend and donate the grass to me for mulch on top of the spuds in buckets.

I emptied some compost and course coir into the Square Foot Garden Bed 2 and watered it in and watered in the spuds in buckets and the four Red Baron onion beds and parsnip bed.

Red Baron Onion Bed 3

3 Red Baron Onion Beds on the right, Parsnip bed in the middle on the left and Asparagus bed at the back left.

Red Baron Onion Bed

Way too much invasive Bindweed growing in the onion beds. I may need to ask a plot neighbour or two for a little help next time I see them.

Red Baron Onion Bed

Parsnip bed with so many seedlings that have been eaten, its quite gutting after going to all that trouble to germinate and start off so many in loo rolls. But I have never seen so many slugs and snails on the allotment as we have this year. 

The Asparagus bed really needs attention, there could be asparagus in there but it's too full of weeds to see. I'm going to have to hit and clear this bed, but that's not going to be easy with my current mobility issues. 

Caught up with some plot neighbours that I have not seen since before starting my treatment for cancer last year, which was nice, lots of people over on the plot once the sun was going down and shaded areas were creeping across the plots, but a reduction in water pressure as everyone was watering.

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