Saturday 18 May 2024

Saturday Afternoon Visit


Square Foot Garden Bed 2 with the last of the weathered woodchip donated by Wally added. I round the large weed killer I bought a couple of weeks ago and went around the plot spraying the bindweed where its not in amongst anything eatable. 

Re sown Brassica on the top of the benches, and I have filled more self watering pop bottles with compost to sow more seeds on future visit.

Re sown Brassica Cabbage Marquis F1, Cabbage Romanov F1 & Brussels Sprouts Marle F1, I lmpw they are now a month late but I might as well try. 

Re sown Broccoli Broccoltto and Purple Rain

Lazy Housewife French Climbing Beans turned 180 degrees I have no idea why the row that was nearest the window and light has not germinated apart from one bean.

Four varieties of Cucumbers need to be potted on shortly

The Potting shed has been erected just over a year and the loss of colour between the inside and outside due to the bleaching effect of the sun is quite evident

Mels Mix in sacks around the potting shed to go back into Square Foot Garden Bed 2 once the levels are higher. As can be seen the amount of bleaching of the timber on the front of the potting shed is quite a lot, and I really need to find something that will treat the timber and last. 

Idverde have been and have cut the main path, but did not trim all around the carpark. It's just pure laziness on their part 

Idverde did not trim all around the carpark or the ski[ and we are still waiting for a woodchip delivery.

Idverde did not trim all along the Main pathway next to the composting WC

This is a major trip hazard and is a problem for idverde's lawn mower which is why normally the grass behind the tree root gets left when they cut the grass. The tree root needs attention and removing, of soil needs to be added to the path to bury the tree root. 

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