Saturday 4 May 2024

May The Forth Be With Us

It was also our first Family BBQ on the allotment, and I hope its not the last. The weather was kind to us, even getting cloudy in the afternoon once we had all had a little too much sun in the morning.

Yes we knew it's Naked Gardening Day but we resisted !

Pre germinated parsnips transplanted into loo rolls of compost on the back seat of the car and ready for transit to the allotment to go into the ground this morning. 

Kelly & Frazer who excavated the Mels Mix and installed posts at the ends of the Raspberry beds so I can get a framework assembled to hold the Raspberries back this year

The Square Foot Garden Beds are only going to be made one additional frame higher. The top level of timber is for the bed next door

The top level of timber is for the SFG bed 1 next door

There is not enough timber on the wood pile to make both beds this high, but two frames high will at least enable me easier access for weeding and maintenance.

Raspberry beds now the security fencing panel has been relocated means the raspberry paths will be accessible from both ends now for harvesting this year. 

Raspberry Beds. I though I had more roofing battens than I do so I may have to buy a few 2.4m lengths to complete the cages to keep the canes from covering the paths.

Mels Mix from the beds in sacks in front of the potting shed, and too the rear of the potting shed. In the Potting shed Lazy Housewife french beans are germinating and 3 of the 5 varieties of cucumbers sown are showing in the pop bottle self watering propagators.

Two gorgeous daughters in the foreground and three not so wise monkey's in the background sorting timber from the timber pile for the bed frames.

Emma cleared a lot of the mares tail bless her I know she hates weeding, which makes clearing it even more special.

Emma & Kelly planted 105 Parsnips in loo rolls into this years parsnip bed. Then covered them up with hoops and scaffolding debris netting.

Andy retrofitted timbers to the Loft Conversion and re fixed the louver grill and fans on the Plot 1A Greenhouse. I just need to sort out the support for the solar panel and the fans will be operative again. I'm also going to put some straps internally against suction and uplift, but that's a job for another day once I have built some steps to get in and out of the greenhouse or modified the door opening. 

Three Men and a Wood Pile, there were so many different sizes of cross sections of timber that I had salvaged when they were doing the conversion of the industrial units to domestic flats behind the allotment, we had to go through the whole wood pile to find enough timbers of similar cross section to extend the height of both of the Square Foot Garden beds by one additional timber height of approximately 200mm or 8".

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