Thursday 23 May 2024

Raised SFG Bed 2

The plot visit today was all about trying to get more done with the filling of the first Square Foot Garden bed that I have extended the height off because of my mobility issues to make it easier for me to work and weed. The photo above is the state of play this morning before I added the wheel barrow load of branches from the plum tree. 

Branches of the plum tree added and then hedge trimmings from my daughters property that have been in a sack for a year, and were supposed to be for the Hügelkultur beds in the climbing frame that are not raised but will have to become raised if I'm going to be able to use them in the future. 

I rounded up all the bags of last years hedge trimmings and spread them over the branches and this brought me up to the level of the top of the first level of timbers that form the raised bed. 

Next was compost and coir from last years potatoes in buckets that didn't get re used this year as I have cut back on the amount of potatoes I've grown this year. This nicely capped the hedge clippings and brought the level up to where the Mels Mix I removed from the single height raised bed could be reintroduced.

So I started emptying the sacks I could grab and lift and emptied them into the raised bed.

And finally a plot neighbour helped me with the last three sacks that were too heavy for me to manage with my now arthritic hands and wrists and the bed was topped up nearly to the brim, I had judged the volume just about right. Yes the level of the bed will sink as the materials get rained on and consolidate and the lower levels rot down, but for the moment it's ideal. 

By the time I capped this bed off it was 2pm and thus time to go home and have some late lunch.

Next visit the blue hoops will be re installed and the netting will go over and some sowing can take place, then it's onto clearing the Asparagus Bed and Square Foot Garden Bed 1 and doing this all over again.  

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