Monday 20 May 2024

Follow Up Appointment With Hematologist


Another visit to St Georges Hospital today to get the result of the PET scan. 

The scan shows that there is still inflammation in the cancer & radiation zone of my jaw, however  this could also be from when the jaw was mending and the needles of new bone was coming through my gum and digging into my tongue as that would show as inflammation

At the moment no additional treatment for the cancer, but another PET scan at the Royal Marsden will be taken in 3 months time, so next PET Scan will be late August and the appointment will hematology will be early September. 

They will also requests bloods about the time I have the PET Scan so they will have all the information they need for that early September appointment. 

The hot spot might never get cold but they will keep testing and as long as it doesn't get hotter again then they are happy... Just need it to stay the same, or get colder.

Hopefully after a few 3 monthly checks it will turn into annual checks.

If the Rheumatologist department wants me to go on steroids for the arthritis the Haematology department don't have a problem with that. But before they make any sweeping changes to my medication all departments talk about it anyway.

As off the 16th May my Kidney function stable so the naproxen isn't doing any damage at the moment.  

As they took 9 little bottles of blood on Friday for the Rheumatologist they only took one bottle of blood today and yet another water sample. 

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