Thursday, 12 March 2020

Sixty and a bit today

First Grow Station primed and loaded with the tray of tomatoes sown last night. The lights will be on for 16 hours a day. An empty tray has been turned up side down to lift the 77 Heavy Duty planting module up closer to the LED lights. On going to bed the wife said to me "What have you got plugged in the little Bedroom?" when I told her she gave me THAT look and said "I should have guessed" 

Garden related Birthday gift from Emma, a mug and spoon for the allotment 

A tin of Bourbon's not because of the biscuit, but she knows that I love a tin especially for the allotment, as it keeps things mouse proof. Me thinks some of the box of 71 chocolate biscuits Kelly bought me for the allotment encase my sugars drop will go in it as will the 2 in 1 nescafe coffee and spoons etc. 

Kelly's other allotment related gift was the Lidl Raised Planter. With all the other gifts, and offers of evaluation products from people I met at the Garden Press Event, that I received in emails today and a nice family home cooked Roast Dinner by my daughters, who could ask for more. It has been a nice relaxed and enjoyable day.

Traditional Stainless Planting Spade from Spear & Jackson which is nice and light, and has a traditional hardwood handle. It has the pointed mirror polished stainless steel blade for resisting rust an minimal soil adhesion and is one tool that will not be left on the plot.

A nine spray settings: Mist, Shower, Cone, Soaker, Jet, Centre, Flat, Angle and Fan Telescopic Water Wand. Not a cheap one like I've had in the past this one has a lightweight but strong aluminium handle, an ergonomic soft grip handle and no leaky plastic end on this bad boy it has a brass connector at the base. This is ideal for reaching high level hanging baskets, but for me will be a god send when watering the two rows of 11 flower buckets of tomato plants in the back garden. 

I'm such a spoiled boy with these Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Japanese Style General Purpose Scissors that come with a 10 year Guarantee 

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