Saturday, 21 March 2020

More CHM Modules

Now I did say back in July 2019 that now that I have an additional half plot that I may have to buy some more of the durable Heavy Duty plastic modules from CHM

I did ask CHM about the possibility of a tray in between the 77L (30x30mm) and 40L, (42x42mm) but it appears that a moulding tool to produce a new tray would cost somewhere between £20,000 to £30,000. So it isn’t something they can do without a lot of thought and consideration.

What is your preferred module size? let me know in the comments below.

I bought another 8 trays 6x40L Shallow and 2x77L Shallow and it cost £38 with the VAT not including the delivery cost which was £6.99 for that quantity of goods. The cost of the trays depend upon the quantity purchased

Yes those that noticed there are 9 trays in the picture so there is one old one but it makes for a much better balanced photo.

If you visit CMH Containerwise Materials Handling and make an enquiry then please do tell them where you heard about them, this gives them and myself some ideal of how many people are visiting their web site as a result of my article. I have not been paid to write these articles about their company and I'm not on commission. I have to say I'm quite honoured to be listed with Charles Dowding and Huw Richards

As a thank you for the promotion of their products CMH didn't charge me for the Post & Packaging on my third order with them, so thank you to those that informed them where you heard about them when you make an enquiry you saved me £6.99.

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