Friday, 13 March 2020

Suttons Mini Seed Tins

I’ve been having a read through the Suttons 2020 Seed Catalogue and there web site and happened upon their NEW Seed Tin Range. Which they say is an Ideal Gift and a must have for any Kitchen Garden Enthusiast...

I do like the idea of these as there are twice as many seeds than a standard seed pack, and have been split into three packets for successional sowing and extended cropping. Their normal RRP £4.95 each, so the set of 12 would cost 12 x £4.95 = £59.40. Then I noticed drilling down that you can buy 5 varieties for £10 and now they have reduced the price again to £7.50 for 5 tins.

The fact that these seeds are supplied in mini seed tins, which are slightly smaller than a deck of cards, will keep your seeds protected from mice if stored in the shed. The sturdy metal tins also have a hinged lid, so it won’t get lost and is the perfect size for carrying around in your pocket or apron.

The tins have also been purposely designed on the side to look like the spine of a book so they can be all lined up in ‘bookcase fashion’ so they will look good on a shelf in the kitchen, utility room or shed.

The only problem I see is that if you only want 10 of the 12 it’s currently going to cost you “£15 but if you want all 12 it will cost £15 + £4.95 + £4.95 which will be £24.90 So you may as well buy three additional tins and get the collection plus 3 more for 3 x £7.50 = £22.50. More seeds and cheaper than buying the set, win win really.

Spring Onion Red & White Mix – 600 seeds / 3 sachets
Lettuce Farmers market Mix – 3000 seeds / 3 sachets
Carrot Chef’s Mix - 380 seeds / 3 sachets –
Radish Gourmet Mix - 900 seeds / 3 sachets
Beetroot Rainbow Mix – 500 seeds / 3 sachets
Leaf Salad Spicy Mix – 2000 seeds / 3 sachets
Rocket Dragon’s Tongue - 400 seeds / 3 sachets
Chard Bright Lights – 180 seeds / 3 sachets
Pak Choi Red & Green – 300 seeds / 3 sachets
Beetroot Boltardy – 500 seeds / 3 sachets
Carrot Autumn King – 2200 seeds / 3 sachets
Radish French Breakfast 3 – 900 seeds / 3 sachets

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