Sunday, 15 March 2020

Radish In Modules Sown

It's time for me to get some Radish started in modules. Here is a very informative video by Charles Dowding and this is how I'm sowing and growing them this year. With what's happening in the shops these days getting some early starts is a must.  

Sow in Module 5 x 8 40 Cell module tray 
Multi Purpose Compost press down
Sow average 4 seeds per cell. 
Cover with layer of MPC
Place in warm sunny location
Germination in two weeks better with warmth
Planted out 3 weeks after sowing
Early planting or Radish not so hot (But there again I like them with a bite)

I've sown a CMH Containerwise Materials Handling 40L shallow long life tray propagation tray of 20 cells worth of Thompson & Morgan Scarlet Globe and 20 Cells of Flamboyant 3. Seed were best by 2019 so I went for 5 - 6 seeds per cell. 

Radish now in the second Grow Station for the next 7 - 14 days, looking at the first grow station there are about 6 tomato seedlings showing already.  

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