Wednesday 5 March 2014

Wednesday 5th March 2014 - Palram Great Customer Support

I got an email from Palram at 5:30 this morning from a lovely lady in the spares and support department called Estela Berkowic who is obviously not based in the UK. She sent me the instructions for my greenhouse and provided me with the name of it. It appears that my brother in law got it from B&Q just as they stopped producing this model but they keep all the spare parts.

Parts and quantities identified - she sent me the price and then arranged to telephone me so that I could pay and she could arrange shipping from Palram in the UK. She has passed me on to a UK based person for sourcing the correct automatic vent so I will wait to hear from him, but he has a lot to live up too. Such a nice helpful lady, I do hope they know how good she is, well they should do now I emailed them on their Facebook page.

So bright sunny day I just had to go to the allotment and give the timber extension to the base another couple of coats of paint. The spare bits I need will be with me next week so hopefully once I have the automatic vent I will have a fully functioning greenhouse to start my seed off in.

Last week when I weeded the comfrey bed and planted daffs and bluebells there was only one comfrey plant showing today I saw at least half of them starting to poke leafs up out of the ground. The early starter will be excavated and the roofs chopped up to add to this valuable resource

On the way home I popped into champions to pick up some timber to make more pop bottle cloches and corner brackets for fixing the timber base together. The idea is to raise the greenhouse up so I don't bang my head on the door and to give a little more height for growing, plus add some weight to the greenhouse so it does not act like a blow-away.

The guy from Palram sent me links to a UK suppliers of the automatic vent but he is going to send me the appropriate fittings for my particular greenhouse.     


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