Wednesday 12 March 2014

Wedneday 12th March 2014 - Gosh It's a Greenhouse

I got to open the present that has been sitting in my hallway for the last 3 weeks and guess what? It's a space a saver greenhouse for the back garden...... who would have ever had guessed 


So I need to get cracking with finishing off replacing the fence panels and posts that got blown down in the high winds and level off the sloping paved area for it to sit on.

Update - My Boss (me) gave me the day off, so a quick visit to the allotment to drop off one of the 4 tier grow house frame to use as staging that I modified last night It was already partially erected so I put it together and it fits in there like a glove.

Then I dropped of Kelly to do some shopping in Sutton High Street and went to B&Q picked up some instant concrete and ended picking up two 125L sacks of Verve Multipurpose compost for growing most plants seeds and cuttings. One is still in the car and need to be dropped off down the allotment and the other is now in the back garden waiting for the erection of that greenhouse.

The rest of the day was clearing up, casting concrete inserting stepping stones into the lawn and laying out all the daffodils, bluebells, snowdrops and crocuses that are in the green and in various sized of pots

Looks like I will need the hand auger from the allotment for this job as the ground is plenty hard.

Last thing as the light was going and the wife and daughters were cooking up a special 3 course evening birthday meal I was modifying the next grow house staging that will need to go down to the allotment and into the greenhouse.

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