Tuesday 11 March 2014

Tuesday 11th March 2014 - Extended Lunch Visit

Had an extended lunch time and took a plastic rubbish bin water butt and more seed trays and loo rolls, and the Automatic vent down the allotment.

I had a quick tidy of the shed, and sorted out the loo rolls inserting round cardboard into square seed trays as last year they started to fall over if they were not tightly packed when they got wet. So it looks like I will need some more to complete three trays for the runner beans - I want to get them ahead of the slugs

The greenhouse water butt is set up this one will be for nettle tea, and I need to take a drill down to make a hole for another fitting on the framework for the Automatic Vent Arm - I can see hours of fun trying to get that adjusted 

I spent the evening modifying the second grown house so that I can remove the tray and the central tube without having to disassemble the staging every time I want to do it.  These will go in at 2nd and 3rd levels so they can be removed when I want to grow potatoes or tomatoes

Wet sand on metal trays to dry out in the sun (if we get anymore) for soft brick making with milk bottles

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