Monday 31 March 2014

Sunday 30th March 2014

Being Mothers day and with the clocks going forward I didn't go to the allotment this morning. I did however burn the holes in the pots and left them all out in the garden to dry off. Later in the afternoon whilst tidying up the shed and getting out the tools I need for the hoop iron survey tomorrow I happened upon the cat litter trays I had miss placed. So I've ended up with seed tray and bit and bobs that need to go to the allotment so a quick visit was made to drop it all off.

Two trips from car to greenhouse and shed and then a sort out and away, and watering the peppers, as they had dried out. I need to rethink the peppers and perhaps used more of the self watering pots, next one to try is a milk bottle version.

Last weekend I made one and discovered they are easier to fit top into bottom than pop bottles. The handle also allows watering to the bottom from the top  :) I've stuffed the handle with off cuts of the coconut matting rolled up.

However I have another used for them in mind - I'm going to fix a post in the ground with short lengths of wood on that are made so that the handle slides on and I can stack them vertically to grow things strawberries / lettuces off the ground and away from slugs

Drill small holes in the lid and thus water or rain one and it will water the one below, etc.

Looking at the 100s and 1000s there are now 5 little two leaf seedlings
  :D 2 more in 24 hours, I would never have believed I would love growing vegetables so much  :nowink:  

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