Thursday 6 March 2014

Thursday 6th March 2014 - Back Garden

I had to take the wife for a blood test today so before then I finished using all the excess paving blocks to make a brick BBQ using the top of the one we had last year - Jen and I started taking it apart and cleaning it late last night and I wanted to get the bricks built - dry bonded walls so can easily be modified or removed in the future.

The paving in front of the sheds is there or there about, the kerb stones need levelling but all I need to do now is repair the fence panels either side. Hopefully I will get the new trellis and panel with new post in this weekend then I can plant all the daffs and bluebells back in front of the paving once Jen has placed all the ornaments on the brick paving. It will be good to have it neat and tidy like it was last year.

I just could not resist and sowed a tray with modules of White Lisbon Spring Onions in the cold frame. 

Here is what it looked like last year before the high winds took out the fencing and half of the plants in tubs with them

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