Sunday 9 March 2014

Sunday 9th March 2014 - I've Got A Greenhouse

Up at 7:00 and out of the door at 7:30 - clad the greenhouse after Keith gave me a hand to place the timber under the base. It's really useful to have an additional pair of hands sometimes. As always he sent Pauline to make tea and coffee and once the timbers were under I fixed the subframe to the timber along the back of the greenhouse, but waited until all the glazing was in before joining the timbers together at the corners and screwing the sub-fame of the greenhouse to the timber all around.

I just managed to get all the panels in and was only half an hour late for lunch. I had to return to tighten all the nuts up and drive the two large staples into the ground over the joist hangers that are diagonally opposite on the long sides of the greenhouse.

Erected a mini blow away and placed inside the greenhouse and sorted out the woodchip paths behind and on the side facing the wall - A dustbin water butt will be going there fed by the gutter on the wall side slope, at the moment the sun facing slope will drain into a watering can or bucket.

Finally got home about 5:00 but I'm ready to start stuff off - I have to have a go at some peppers - top temperature in the growhouse in the greenhouse this afternoon was 84 degrees

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