Friday 14 March 2014

Friday 14th March 2014 - Drop-in Visit on the way back from a Survey

Swift visit on the way back from a survey to drop off and erect the last grow house / staging that I modified last night. Nice sunny and warm and very gratifying to see the vent opener was working and the vent was open. With the door open and a cooling of the greenhouse it closed a little, I'm very impressed.

Quickly erected the framework, modifying four large lengths from last years blow away so I have additional plastic bits to extend the height on the south facing eaves one and add another shelf. I didn't have time to get the 125L sack of Verve out of the car.

The evening whilst the wife watched all her soaps, I was entertained by rolling out weed membrane, cutting to bed size and marking out hole patterns with the aid of a jar lid and chalk and cutting them out for planting potatoes and strawberries. I really want to minimise the amount of weeding this year.

A very good day for my new business, enquiries for and picked up another 3 jobs today, now I need to catch up with the ones I've already got and make sure I don't over book myself. I also need to fit the allotment in here and there for the occasional visit

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