Thursday 20 March 2014

Thursday 20th March 2014 - Water Feeder

Up between 2 - 3am typing up thoughts for meeting at 11. woke up at 6 and worked on proposals so rewarded myself with an afternoon visit to check that the greenhouse is OK in the high winds and to water the seedlings, trees and potatoes as there is no rain forecast for a few days (however its raining now as I type this at 9:40pm)

More sand out to dry for more soft bricks - fixed the hose to the water butt and planted Green Red Yellow and Orange Pepper seeds.

At home made more pop bottle water feeder pots for the greenhouse out of pop bottler and coconut hanging basket liners. Cut top off pop bottle, cut bottom off pop bottle, stuff neck with rolled up strip of coconut liner. fill top with soil bottom with water and put top in bottom.

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