Friday 26 April 2013

Tuesday 23rd April - Thursday 25th April Update .......

So Lunchtime visits and evening visits for the last 3 days and I now have a third bed finished and the weed membrane and woodchip path laid - the pile of woodchip is going down dramatically and if I have enough for half the plot I will be lucky.

There has been the removal of a number of bags of rubbish and hardcore over the past three days. Keith completed all the work on his plot by Tuesday as he finished laying his woodchip paths and prepped his final bed. He has done so well, but due to the type of job he has with wacky hours has managed to get a lot of time in.

I pulled back the carpet the previous owner laid down from the next area where the rubble under the location of the previous owners shed was and the earth was polished and shiny and very very hard. Keith came to the rescue with his pick and has chopped and broken the surface of an area about 4.8m x 3.0m which equates to the next three beds and paths.

Whilst getting out bricks and hardcore, he also found broken sheets of corrugated Asbestos Cement which we have placed at the front gate and informed the Council so that they can dispose of them correctly.

With Keith's help I'm beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and last night we skimmed off the grass to an area on the other side of the path that equates to another 2 - 3 beds as Keith enjoys the heavy manual work and wants to break up the surface to that I can get in there with a fork turn it over and weed it all.

The 15m hose I bought only just manages to get from my shed to the standpipe on Adi's plot 2 and I have absolutely no chance of burying it without taking the pick to the ground as his walked mud areas are also as hard as rock. I think that's a job for another day and he is quite happy for me to leave the pipe ticked against the edge of the pathway.

There was only a 10% chance of rain today and Saturday but I've woke up on coming down for breakfast have found that it's all wet outside and spitting with rain. So perhaps I will not be able to get to the plot to get anything done this dinner time or tonight?

It would appear that putting down blue tarps over the grassed areas has really achieved very little, those areas covered with the old carpet however are clear of most growth apart from the bindweed that has managed to weave its ways over, under and where a hole or soft area is found through.

I will get a photograph of progress as it has moved on quite a way. By the time we have left over the last few night it's been way to dark to take photographs.

I've also noticed that the all the weed and especially the bindweed have burst into life and stuff I sprayed along the wall on Monday is dying - There is more of it coming up by the shed and I've placed a wigwam of bamboo poles around it for them to climb that then I'm going to spray it all.

If the plants grow as good as the weeds I will very happy. :)

Note to self and any other person reading this - the B&Q plotting compost is rubbish! it's so woody it's untrue and so not what I was expecting of a potting compost, the toilet rolls I filled and beans I planted seem to be OK with it and I'm seeing the first couple of bean heads, but my intention is to use the rest of the bags on my potatoes when they get planted this weekend. I will go and buy something a little more suited to potting.

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