Sunday 14 April 2013

Sunday 14th April

Sunday 14 - OK it rained yesterday but this morning the Sun was out so I went off to the allotment. I saved 3 x 1.2m  (4") floor board in the large wheelie dustbins in the industrial estate behind the allotment where we tend to park on the way in at about 8:30 in the morning. 

I spent some time tidying up and then hit the first bed - By mid day I had company Andy then Keith & Pauline and finally John. Keith and Pauline made me a couple of coffees during the morning, which were well timed and I finally left at 2:30 for late lunch. It was sunny but also very windy, the most wind I had seen on the site, and Keith had to right his neighbours grow house which had been blown over despite four guy ropes and weights in the form of large timbers all around the plastic.

I took off the fleece as I was too warm and I just wrapped the arms around my waist to keep my back warm whilst digging.   

By the time I had left I had dug and weeded all of the first potato bed and the 600mm wide paths all around it and managed to fill yet another 3 black sacks of couch grass and bindweed and bramble roots.

Jen and I went back to allotment about 4 ish and it started to spit with rain, but it didn't last very long. I ended up edging the bed with plastic grass boarder edging and then I moved the compost bin and it's contents to the new location so that I can clear the area beside the shed and finally get the grapes and the last climbing rose planted.

We then tried covering the hoops with plastic but although it stated it was 2m by the time you cut off the seam because they are obviously large bags for mattresses it was only just 2m so I'm going to have to make the hoops shorter if I want to make a large cloche of a short Polly tunnel. We came away about 6:30

I ache all over, funny that your OK until you stop! - now I'm off to jump in the shower and let the hot water do it's stuff, as I feel all of my 55 years and then some at the moment. It's another day tomorrow and I booked it off so that I can get ahead down the allotment, I'm wondering if I will be able to get the second bed done and the early and mid potatoes in?

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