Sunday 28 April 2013

Sunday 28th April - Morning

Jens foot was playing up and she decided not to come with me this morning - got to the allotment about 8:30 and laid the paths around bed 4 - I noticed that the bindweed is coming through the tarp I had laid the woodchip on and into the woodchip - does nothing stop this stuff?

Sorted out the comfrey bed and used the bricks I found to tidy it up and define it as it's on the path, and transplanted one plant and finally got in the last three in their toilet rolls into the ground. placed plastic drink bottles and mini cloches over them to help and protect them the slugs.

Dug over and placed shredded newspaper into the trench and weeded the two runner bean beds as the little fellow have gone mad at home, I know it's too cold and we are still having frost but they will have to go in within the next two weeks at the rate they are growing - Note to self wait next year they grow too fast plant in WC rolls mid May!.

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