Saturday 6 April 2013

Saturday 6th April

No visits to the Allotment during the week and I've been mega busy at work - that's got to change and I need to book in at least 3 lunch time visit a week now the weather has turned and it won't be to long until I have crops to look after.

Saturday morning was spent clearing all the Allotment / growing build materials from my parents house as we had 22 people coming to view during the 3rd open day the estate agents have arranged. - So the Plastic Bottles on Bamboo poles and the bottle capped bamboo were put into the car for shipment to the allotment and the cold frame finally made it to my back garden.

In order to erect it I needed to level out the paved area a little more and for good measure I cut the grass and made good and planted grass seed the area where the fence paned had been staked. I sprinkled some old compost and grass cutting over to camouflage the seeds from the 3 fat wood pigeons that normally come to feast when I'm making the lawn good again.   

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