Monday 1 April 2013

1st April

Sunday - Jen and I hit the allotment and got dug into extracting the nettle weed around where the leaf bins are to be placed - it's where the old shed stood and there is a layer of stones and bricks - we then emptied all the bags of leafs into them and then went home for Sunday lunch for 2:00 as the girls were cooks of the mess for the day.

Lunch over and a little rest and we hit the allotment again and managed to burn all the pallets and scrap wood on the site that was dry and we left and got home about 8:30

Monday - went down to pick up the last of the wet soggy timber and fibre board and cut up the plastic cistern and disposed off it all down the dump which was empty leaving the site clear for digging ----- hip hip horray

Covered the grass with cardboard and tarps to try and kill off what's underneath whilst I dig the beds along the wall ready for the potatoes that are really quite ready for the ground

Below is how I left the site


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