Monday 29 April 2013

Sunday 28th April - Afternoon

After Lunch went back to the allotment with Jen, four bags of the rubbish B&Q potting compost for the potatoes, and my geotechnics hand auger. As we got out of the car Keith and Pauline arrived to weed and feed their plot.

First things first Keith instructed Pauline to make coffee and tea.

First thing I had to do was go back home and pick up the potatoes as I forgot to put them in the car - Doh!

I marked up a 2.4m timber with the centres for the potatoes and used the Auger to dig neat 75mm holes 150mm ish deep - and handful of compost and then popped the potatoes into holes, filled up then racked up the soil as we had a frost last night. Jen watered in the four beds and the two bean beds whilst I packed away equipment and we got away about 6:30ish.

Well I have achieved the council target of 25% cultivated and planted before the review which they have moved to the end of May instead of April due to the slow start this year.

Here is the progress so far

When I got home checked on the half a module tray of spring onions in the cold frame and they are just showing. I need to get some more stuff going and in the cold frame this week as hopefully I should have beds 5 and 6 done next weekend weather permitting.

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