Tuesday 23 April 2013

Monday 22nd April .... Post Man Flu

I really should have not gone back to work today as I felt like a four letter word starting in S and ending in T and means the same as manure, but I had a Tender to get ready so I did. I dropped some soft bricks and some 1.2m batten off lunch time today after submitting the Tender 10 minutes before the deadline at noon.

After our evening meal Jen and I went to the plot and met Keith and Pauline down there, as another load of woodchip was delivered this afternoon, by the time we got there it had all gone! but Keith did manage to get me a couple of barrow loads.

Dealt with the bindweed that seemed to have appeared in the last 6 days I had been ill in the areas I had dug and weed to the best of my abilities with some weed killer. It has to be said some of it look like it's coming through the  wall at the damp proof course from the other side. I used the hoe on other areas where short weeds were beginning to surface.

The nettles have doubled in height over the last week and I cut them down and added them to the compost heap - there roots are next on my agenda to be dug out.

Managed to dug 2/3 of the next bed and paths and came away with two black bags of roots and weeds.

Spoke to Adi and he is happy for me to run a hose in the ground along the path to the water stand pipe on his plot, so that's a job for another day, I only have the comfrey which is starting to buck up and the roses which personally I think are dead to water but already it's a pain in the rear getting watering cans filled up - I may just fill up my small water butt with the hose to save time until I get around to putting up the guttering to the shed.

We came away about 7:45 when it started to get dark and I note that most of my plot is in shade from about 6 ish.

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