Sunday 31 March 2013

31st March

OK we have seen a rat(s) but only one at a time going from left to right and right to left, using our garden as a rat run - the neighbour found a dead one that a cat or fox had killed, he laid traps and bait and caught another, then I saw another cheeky (B word meaning he had not father) wondering around our garden.

Thursday off to clear up the garden following seeing a rat - and having the rat man visit. I cleared all the old fencing that blew down and I replaced then stacked waiting for recycling and disposal to find the little darlings had made a trench run under it.

Friday - Managed to get down on the Allotment from early morning until lunch time - hit the hillock at the South West corner - cleared four black sacks of weed and nettle roots from it before I stated to reduce it down to average ground level - sieved the earth and used to fill three of the five rose enclosures and the depression in the area nearby that I had already dug. another builders sack of glass and, I've found more laid flat and just under a layer of earth.

I took tugs of compost used last year to grow potatoes in the back garden down to the allotment, I want less in the back garden for these blighters to hid behind and dig in - I blamed the cats but I'm thinking now it was rats.

Saturday - the Rat in the back garden and mould on the garden furniture stops digging on the Allotment. Decided to take the cover off the garden furniture, just to make sure "Roland" (the rat get it!) - had not made base camp under it. to find that the wood had white mould on it - so I jet washed it off and in the process started something I should not have. It took all day to jet wash the patio timber decking, and under - (concrete to falls and an acco drain) the small retaining wall and the coping stones and decorative fencing. Look great now but I've missed another day of digging on the allotment.

Sunday - Frost on the ground nice and sunny- who knows what if anything I will get done - knee is killing me as standing all day yesterday.

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