Sunday 3 March 2013

Sunday 3rd March

Up early and clear the frost off the car windows then down on the allotment by about 8:30. I started by clearing all the material just to the left side of the shed, where all the broken glass was.  So large lumps into the suitcase and smaller pieces into the plastic tug. This was when on digging into the pile of glass I came upon these two little fellows.

So I found some pots and bricks, old wood and set up to create a Toad Abode

There turned out to be eight of the little fellows and below is the smallest sitting on the shovel ....

All were transported to their new temporary home (I will make an area for them) along with their food source who had also decided to live amoungst the glass.

Once that was done I cleared all of the dross around and behind the shed and weeded then laid weed membrane and then wood chips (below the side before all the stuff went back)

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