Sunday 24 March 2013

24th March

Weekend roundup - Cold wet windy snow and not a change of getting down to the allotment - on the positive side painted the coldframe a few times and have cut and painted the number posts for defining the boundary of Plot 1A, in addtion pained the recycled timber frames that are to become the base to the coldframe and the mini hoop polytunnels and netting.

Picked up a 10kg tub of Blood Fish and Bone on offer for £9.99 at the garden centre and 30 more bamboo poles.

Picked up a tube of external grade hard as nails and stuck fizzy drink bottle lids on the top to protect eyes, and burnt holes in the bottles and now have five poles of plastic bottles for the mini plastic greenhouse or cloche I'm planning.

My neighbour is going to keep an eye our for roofing batten on jobs for me so I can make plastic netting frames a bit like the leaf compost frames I made with wire mesh.

Booked off Thursday to make a long weekend so I might get down to the allotment over Easter on the hope of dry weather from Monday

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