Friday 8 March 2013

End of working week update

I've  managed  to get a couple of hours in after work this week and have taken yet another four bags of couch grass, bramble and nettle roots home to dispose off. I just can't believe how much dross can come out of such a small area. The fork goes in and I lift and it all comes to the surface. I work backwards and around until I can slowly pull the mass up and try to get up as much as I can without breaking the darn stuff. I'm then following and working my way along the system systematically.

In some areas I'm double digging the fork depth and bringing up the root network to the surface  and what's left once I've picked everything out and tuned the area over again and again is very fine material, but progress is not fast.  I'm just hoping that it will slow down the re-growth to a level that I can keep on top of it.

looking at the photograph you can see a lighter rectangle on the wall. Looking at the historical birds eye views on Bing Maps this is where the second shed stood. It appears that in this area there is a layer of stone under about an inch of soil - and it's going to take some digging out. Anyone have any ideas what I can do with what I'm sure will end up as a huge pile of stone appart from a stone path.

I could not resist, as I have a slightly larger area and different trapezoidal shaped plot  than I thought and planned I have actually increased the gaps between the beds to 600mm from 450mm which is enough length for me to kneel down on the kneeling stool with the two handles.

The hoops denote the 1.2m wide beds and assisted me in checking that what I thought would fit will and now I can re-plan my plot. In addition talking to my neighbour he does not want to come closer to my plot and we have a really wide path as you can see from the string on his plot and the timber on mine. So he is happy for me to have rectangular beds on the boundary that will  eat into the wide path.

I will upload a revised more accurate plan shortly once I've finished it.

On the way to a meeting at the Imperial War Museum today I saw a plastic compost bin on freecycle and sent an email asking for it and by the time I got out of the tube they other end, it was mine. I collected it on the way home and  it is in the back of my Corsa on a tarp and will be dropped off to the plot over the weekend.

From the look of things I will not be getting a lot done Saturday, as I have a doctor's appointment in the morning for my knee which just does not want to mend and the weather forecast is rain

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