Friday, 2 January 2015

Tomatoes & Onions

Planning and using my new label machine - 20mm x 20mm x 30mm deep modules 8 in a tray width so I will try sowing 2 rows of the following:-

16 x Alisa Craig
16 x Bedfordshire Champion Onions
16 x Globe the Giant Onion
16 x Hytrch F1
16 x Kamal F1
16 x North Holland Blood Red Redmate
16 x Red Baron
16 x Santero F1
16 x Stuttgarter Riesin 

Wife thinks I'm barmy as an Onion is an Onion but I want to monitor germination rates and see and taste the difference. Plus I bought way too many seeds in the 50p Wyevale Sale. The same is somewhat true of the Tomatoes and I have the labels now ready for

100s & 1000s
Cherry Cascade
Gardeners Delight
Money Makers
Plum Roma
Red Robin
Sweet Mullion

There will be other tomatoes from the Seed Circle pack added to this list. I want to monitor success rates of germination and ultimately yield and taste from all these this year. In some of these packs there are only 6-8 seeds and as I can grow in the back garden and at the allotment I'm thinking of sowing 4 seeds per type so that germination rate will be 100, 75, 50, 25 or zero% 

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