Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Seed Sorting because the Seed Parcel is on it's way

Frosty and very cold today, so more seed sorting and making of plant labels and scanning seed packets and making seed labels for the small zippy bags that my seed go into when the original seed pack is opened.  I made seed bags labels for the seed circle tomatoes - very interesting looking at the pictures on them and another 5 to add to the already extensive list. I need to work out how many and where to grow them it's split between the back garden and allotment.

I'm thinking of erecting a post on the corner of one of the beds to support the Christmas tree frame for the cucumber to grow up and screwing four hanging baskets at the top for some of the tomatoes. Am I asking to be hit by blight and then there is ensuring they are watered regularly? Need to think about that one.

I can't find the sprouts seeds I have been using for the last couple of years - must look back and see if I can find their name on my old diary, as the wife and kids love them, apparently mine don't promote flatulence. But I do have two packs I picked up last year

Wyevale 50p Sale RRP £2.99   30 Seeds Sow By Dec 2017 Thompson & Morgan Revenge F1 Hybrid
Wilko     25p Sale RRP    60p 300 Seeds Sow By Dec 2016 Eilko Eversham Special

I grow 8 Brussels Sprout plants which provide for Oct to  Christmas and frozen into the new year.  Looking at the packs if I start off the Evesham in February I could be harvesting by as early as September, and the Revenge from December to February.

The Eversham are large buttons and the Revenge are smaller sweet buttons. So the plan is to plant 4 of each plant.

As there are 300 seeds in in the Eversham pack and they will last 2 - 3 years I'm only going to need 10% of the pack even allowing for 50% germination so I have made up some packs to go into the seed parcel which is working it's way towards me. 

Batteries arrived for the quadcopter - I'm definitely going to need a lot of practice before taking down the allotment and attempting to video the plot and site. 

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