Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Freecycle pickup and drop off at allotment

I went after a couple of dustbins with locking lids on freecycle and was told if the person didn't have them I could. On Sunday got an email saying they had gone but that they guy had one dustbin with a lid and one leaking water butt with lid but they are not locking and I could have them if I wanted them.

I was after the original for storage of nets and the like, thus giving me some breathing room in the shed and the greenhouse, so I said yes

Dropped off the wife at her sisters and went on to pick them up and then drop them off to the allotment. Whilst there I emptied a couple of watering cans of water from the full water butt on the greenhouse into the empty one as it was leaning over after a cat spring boarded off it and onto the wall as I approached the plot 

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