Thursday, 15 January 2015


OK I've been looking at my onions, I bought way to many in the Wyevale sale but they will last 2 - seasons so it's all good. Below is a list of all the details off the backs of the seed packs and It's really confusing as they all say different things. The seed labels are all done and I have created the small seed bags to hold the remainder of the seeds once I open the packets.

I have brought some seed compost indoors and have warmed it up and its now in the mini propagator with the labels for my first Onion seed outing which will be towards the end of this month. I have to hold off because of the weather and that I don't have a heated greenhouse to move the seed onto once they have germinated .

3 rows 18 modules of Alisa Craig Sow Dec - Jan
3 rows 18 modules of Globo        Sow Dec - Jan
2 rows 12 modules of Bedfordshire Champion Sow Feb - April
2 rows 12 Modules of Sentero F1  Sow Feb - March

Once they are ready they will be moved out to the allotment to the grow house in the greenhouse or the Space saver greenhouse in the back garden. 

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