Tuesday, 27 January 2015

24 Alison Craig Onions Sown

24 Alison Craig Onions sown in a small propagator. Germination is supposed to be 18-21 days so we are looking for some signs of life around 13th - 16th February. What I found strange is that according to the back of the pack you can plant in Jan but not Feb, then plant again from March to mid April and can plant out end April. Now how does that work?

Then I fell in, the sow Dec/Jan and plant out end of April is for exhibition not for domestic/culinary use!
But I intend to plant out for domestic/ culinary use. I don't want to show them I want to eat them  :nowink:

Ummmmm I have sown something, and it feels good  :D

More Flower Buckets obtained from the Co-Op today

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