Saturday, 17 January 2015

Tomato Seeds

Up early so I finished scanning the packs of tomato seeds and making the labels for the little zippy seed bags that the excess seeds will go into once the packs are open. Below is the unopened Wyevale 50p collection. Many are 2016 so they will do this year and next year, and there is one pack with a date of 2017.

There are a lot of small cherry bush types and I want to grow them under cover at the allotment and in the back garden on the patio. I built the canopy / covered area extension to the Shed and I have the grow house Greenhouse up against the wall. There is also the greenhouse on the allotment and the Space Saver Greenhouse and Patio in the back garden.

As there are some hanging basket types, I'm also thinking of growing some in hanging baskets down the allotment as well as the back garden.

Next Job is to extract the information from the backs of the packs and make a spread sheet, Well if I can't sow yet at least I can do the background research so I know which one to sideshoot an which ones to leave alone etc. 

A trip down the allotment to silicone the panel on the greenhouse, I took the new tube of silicone as there may not be enough in the tube that's in the gun, forgot to take the gun - Doh!
OK so while I was there, I cut down sections of estate agent signboard posts for the corners of the hoop frames I'm going to make. The local vandals had ripped out the sign and chucked it in the road and the sign had gone but the post was salvageable and ideal for my needs.

I emptied the incinerator and broke up the fence panel slats and filled it up, topped it off with dried bean stalks off the frame.

Took the saw to the 3 office water bottles I rescued from the industrial site next door before they demolished all the buildings. These make really great cloches

Had a general tidy up, with each visit it's looking better and better and I'm gradually getting there.

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